Job Description : Purchase AM

Experience: 5-7years

Qualifications: BE/ B.Tech in Electronics/Instrumentation & Control

Job Responsibilities:

Preparing purchase plans & ordering plans based on the market perception,
requirement & specification by clubbing requirement of all the departments to
take advantage economy of scale wherever possible & also to avoid duplications
resulting in waste.

Scrutinizing the purchase requisitions and securing quotations.

Preparing Comparative Statements and analyzing quotations.

To procure the lowest possible cost consistent with quality & service

Vendor development for various Technical & non Technical components used
based on the Specification.

Rates negotiations with Vendor, their development & ratings.

Formulating reports relating to Cost reduction to facilitate the seniors to take
effective decisions.

Checking receipt of materials and taking feedback & follow-ups from Quality,

R&D & Production.

Continuously monitored the performance of vendors with respect to contractual
obligations on pre-determined metrics.

Conferred with department heads, vendors, and external agencies regarding
purchases, deliveries, and acceptability of supplies.


Supply Chain Management
# Interfacing with other departments for all requisitions, re-stocking and inventory
according to set
# Effective inventory planning for raw materials and spares, based on business
requirements and utilization forecasts.
# Error proof order processing and Customer complaint handling for the entire
Purchase/ Sourcing/ Procurement
# Coordinating with other departments for material requirement planning,
material procurement & purchase planning, ensuring continuous supply at
optimum costs.
# Handling sourcing through identification of cost effective vendors/ suppliers for

Cost Reduction
# Spearheading continuous improvement initiatives in processes.
# Implementing strict measures in operating procedures to optimize resource/
capacity utilization.

Vendor Development
# Identifying and developing alternate vendor source for localization, achieving
cost effective purchases of raw materials with reduction in delivery time and
improve consistency in quality.
# Assessing the performance of the vendors based on various criteria such as
quality systems, rejections, quality improvement rate, timely delivery etc.
# Developing quality culture at vendors end through auditing and guidance.

Quality Assurance
# Implementing ISO 9001 for quality standards, for maintaining the relevant
# Identifying areas of quality failures and take steps to rectify the system.
# Practicing quality standards with key emphasis on improving quality.